About Instructor  
Annette Lemma


     I believe in being physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit. This is why the definition of Yoga – union of body, mind and spirit - is a perfect fit for me.  I’m a Registered Nurse with a background is Neuroscience nursing. Currently I am enjoying my second career as a school nurse and I also teach CPR.  


     As a certified ChildLight Yoga© instructor, I have taught yoga to kids in after school programs. This has helped me to re-connected with the power of play and the joy of living in the moment like only a child can do. It’s a challenge to teach the concept of spirit in public schools. When I teach the meaning of Namaste to the kids it goes like this: There is a light that shines in you and a light that shines in me. When we are together, our light shines brighter.


     I hope you enjoy my “grown-up” classes as well. It gives me the opportunity to give back and share my practice. After all, what good is joy and peace if you can’t share it with others?